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The collection of earthquake data is of utmost importance from both a research as well as a disaster management standpoint. Reliable real-time seismic networks are critical for dissemination of data following an earthquake, during volcanic unrest, monitoring an oil field, or conducting cutting-edge seismic research. These applications nearly always require networks of seismometers and the computational ability to handle and process the large quantities of data most often collected in real-time, leading the way to early warning networks.

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Kinemetrics' ASPEN Open System solutions provide a comprehensive and integrated platform for seismic, strong-motion, geodetic GPS, and infrasound networks with both on-site archival and telemetered data streams and a proven track record of reliability using a wide range of remote seismic system, for example, Quanterra's Q330 family of network-aware digitizers or Kinemetrics' expanding Rock series of multi-channel dataloggers. BRTT's mature, high-performance Antelope software provides the needed framework with which to collect, process, and archive the critical real-time data in a robust and reliable manner. The ASPEN System includes extensive state-of-health monitoring and an extensible architecture for customizing the system to the client's particular need including a fully documented toolbox. Prime examples are the US Array and Plate Boundary Observatory of the Earthscope project.

OSS can provide anything between customized network components to turn-key solutions with hundreds of remote stations connected via any type of IP communication link to multiple, redundant data centers. Installed ASPEN Systems not only include broadband and strong-motion sensors but geodetic GPS, OBS, and infrasound sensors, to name a few. Other related services include site selection & network layout, RF studies, remote & onsite network monitoring, database monitoring, and off-site data backup.

OSS has developed totalEQ™, a comprehensive state-of-the-art solution to monitoring induced seismicity from negative magnitudes to any magnitude value using a novel “network tie-in” technique.


  • Abu Dhabi Strong & Weak-Motion Network

  • Antarctic, Neumayer Station

  • Azerbaijan, Seismic Network includes OBS

  • Italy, Strong-Motion Network of the Civil Defense Department (DPC)

  • Costa Rica, Seismic & Volcano Monitoring Networks

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