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Open systems is our means to provide robust, reliable and flexible custom solutions for seismic and structural health monitoring networks. Our computing and software platform provides inter-operability and portability both down and upstream of the data flow, integrating information and data from multiple sources. Unlike closed systems, which tend to operate as black boxes restricted to very specialized proprietary hardware and software output with predefined static formats, our standardized, well-documented input and output interfaces permit the integration of any sensor, the programming of custom processing routines and dissemination of adequate information for the network operator, seismologist, civil engineer, decision-maker for civil defense/emergency response units, building owner, or the interested public.

systems and services

Kinemetrics' Open Systems & Services (OSS) department takes on the challenging task of providing our customers with state-of-the-art structural & environmental information systems employing cutting edge technology; and, delivering, to the data and information users, the required levels of content with relevant interfaces that are conducive to carrying out the task or request, on hand. This is of tremendous importance in any real-time data acquisition & processing system that feeds the users with time critical information based on the most complete data set. Being aware of the overall system status or a desired subset helps the operator to understand situations and take corrective or crucial escalating action.

Our ASPEN Open System platform can provide a wide range of system products in the areas of onshore or offshore earthquake monitoring, induced seismicity, volcano monitoring, structural health monitoring, nuclear power plant monitoring, and other environmental data. We designed and fielded systems consisting of customized network components to turn-key solutions with hundreds of remote stations and multiple, redundant data centers.

Other related services include site selection & network layout, RF studies, system design, instrument installation, maintenance & data retrieval according to building codes or NPP regulations, remote network monitoring & maintenance, database monitoring, and off-site data backup.


  • Assessment of Seismic Hazard and Risk in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

  • Upgrading the Data Center of the Strong-Motion Network of the Italian Civil Defense Department (DPC)

  • OBS Station for the National Seismic Network in Azerbaijan

  • Worldwide Training on ASPEN System and Antelope Software

  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Several Seismic and Strong-Motion Installations for Customers

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